If My Oak Tree Could Speak

Written by Rachel Greening

Illustrated by Janice Barber

Have you ever wondered what an oak tree would say? Or how a fork would sing? Or perhaps what a furnace would eat? These questions and many more are posed, pondered, and beautifully paraded across the page in this charming poetry book about childhood wonder. Read along in this world of whimsy as the seemingly ordinary objects around you turn into fascinating characters with just a little bit of curiosity and a whole lot of imagination.

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Rachel Greening is a University of Toronto graduate, wife, mother, and day-dreamer. She has worked with children in many volunteer capacities and loves to make them smile. 

While in elementary school, Rachel struggled with reading and needed individualized teaching to catch up. Then in grade 4, she read “A Handful of Time” by Kit Pearson and from then on became an avid reader. Writing naturally sprang from her love of reading, as she learned that she was best able to express herself though the written word.

While Rachel enjoys all kinds of writing, poetry is her first love. Her debut children’s book “If My Oak Tree Could Speak” was inspired by the large oak tree in her former backyard. She seeks to capture the fascination of children as their minds wander and wonder, creating a world of their own in their imaginations. It is told through anapestic tetrameter and is filled with a myriad of questions to capture the curiosity of childhood and wonderment. 

You can find Rachel with a coffee in hand at her historic stone home in Campbellville, Ontario where she lives with her husband and three young children. 

(Photo credit: Christa Michelle Photography)


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"If you dream and create

you will soon come to find

a rare world of your own

that is one of a kind"

Rachel Greening,
"If My Oak Tree Could Speak"

Janice Barber Illustrations