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Classroom testimonial:

"The book If My Oak Tree Could Speak is a valuable resource to any Kindergarten/ Grade1 or 2 classroom. It stretches students' imagination and vocabulary in their oral language and writing skills through it's whimsical illustrations. Students visualize and imagine through their laughter and enjoyment of this text. 

When Rachel joined our class the students were thrilled to have her share her book If My Oak Tree Could Speak. Rachel expertly navigated the nuances of childhood expressed by the children while drawing them to the imaginative values her book prompts. Rachel has a comfortable manner when engaging, addressing and conducting a young audience. The book remained a classroom center piece for us to enjoy after she left with relevant and quality follow up activities.

Thank you for the time spent Rachel. Your book will make a special addition to our school library! "

Mrs. Regis - Kindergarten teacher in Milton, ON

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