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About Rachel

Hi friend!

I'm so honored you're here and care enough to learn more about me.

I'm the girl in the corner at the party fading into the background but pleasant enough to chat with. I'm the mom at the park who begins with gentle-parenting techniques but finishes the trip with exasperated, sharp tones to "Just get in the car!" I'm the friend who implores you to give yourself love and grace, yet not allowing myself the same kindness. I'm the writer who sometimes loves my calling and other times cannot get a clear sentence out to save my life.

I bet you're like me---a series of contradictions. I find that most people are. My favourite musician is Johnny Flynn (British folk) but my most listened to genre last year was Christian Trap. Riddle me that one.

Humans are complicated creatures, aren't we? You'll find a little bit about me here, but it's just a snapshot, a tiny, curated sampling of the sum of a person. I'll do my best to give you a full picture.

I'm  a University of Toronto alum, wife, mother, and day-dreamer.

I dream bigger than I'm willing to risk. (Working on that!)

While I enjoy many types of writing, poetry is my first love. My debut children’s book If My Oak Tree Could Speak was inspired by the large oak tree in my former backyard. It captures the fascination of children as their minds wander and wonder about the objects around them coming to life. I'm really proud of it. If My Oak Tree Could Speak is stunningly illustrated by local talent and friend Janice Barber. I'm also a friend of CANSCAIP (Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers) and adore bringing my book into schools and libraries.

Most of my published words focus on the hope and faith I have in Jesus Christ. I don't have any answers---but I know the One who does. The aim of my writing it to point you to Him. My work has been published with Risen Motherhood, The Gospel Coalition CanadaHer View From Home, The Grit and Grace Project, Motherly, Just Between Us Magazine and Truly Magazine, and others. Links are included under Writing Gallery. I get a jolt of adrenaline when I finally receive a "yes" email amid the mountain of rejection that comes with any creative endeavor. I'm doing my best to not let either outcome define me. 

You will find me with a coffee in hand at my century-old stone home in Campbellville, Ontario where I live with a husband I don't deserve and three beautiful children who keep me humble. The chickens are fun to have around.

But enough about me. (Seriously, if I get too much attention my flight/fight/freeze response kicks in). I would love to get to know you---why you're here, what you love, how you too are hung in a world of contradictions---so please leave comments or send me messages to your hearts delight.

Let's be human. Together.



girl with brown curly hair and a red shirt smiling
young family of 5 walking outside
Book cover of "If My Oak Tree Could Speak" on a window ledge

(Photo credit: Christa Michelle Photography)

Photo credit: Jeff and Diane Photography

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