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An Offering of Musings

Updated: Apr 16

This week I received such a thrill.

The top two emails in my inbox right now are with editors for two different publications looking to publish my articles in 2024. It’s a nice feeling to be accepted, isn’t it? Especially after months of rejections, or worse—silence.

In the everyday grind of the writer’s life, I can easily become discouraged by the lack of activity or time to invest in this joyful burden that pulls at me as if a child not yet weaned. I can’t not attend to it’s cries—to ignore it feels like forsaking breath—yet I also know it cannot take precedence over the tangible relationships and roles I’ve been given.

I had a beautiful, 2 minute heart-to-heart with a new friend a few days ago. She has 5 children, and laughingly told me she is surviving. But I mentioned to her that where I stood, she was thriving. We got serious when she told me, “It’s all God’s grace. I’m really not just saying that—I mean it wholeheartedly.” My eyes welled with tears as I told her that I believed her. The joy and peace of Christ came when I stopped fighting him. I stopped defending my selfishness and pride, called it out for what is was, and gave in to his will and way. I gave up the fight and found the well of contentment that I had been warring to find.

As always, the way forward is obedience—and a careful balancing act.

sun beam through leaves on trees over water

I’ve been coming up short so far in my quest to find a publisher for my children’s stories (although I’ll admit that I haven’t been putting in a mighty effort as of late). Publishing in Canada right now is...interesting. I’m grateful that even though my effort in one area of writing has stalled, the train is still chugging along elsewhere.

A few months ago I submitted two stories into a local Writing for Children contest. The contest winner hasn’t been announced yet but I know already that my stories didn’t make it to the last round. However, one story I titled “Too Fast” was long-listed—meaning it was chosen to be among the top 50 of 600 entries. This contest is judged by an impressive panel of accomplished and published children’s lit authors so I’m proud of this outcome. To continue with my metaphor, it means I’m on the right track!

While I submit and wait for my children’s stories to catch, I continue to try new mediums and write Christian living articles when so moved. I’m so excited to share with you one in particular that came from a Bible study I did last year in the Old Testament on the topic of God’s mercy.

Keep an eye on your inbox and socials for news of my upcoming Christmas markets this November! I have some super fun merch new for this year for Book Lovers and Word Nerds alike, as well as Janice’s gorgeous artwork and, of course, my book “If My Oak Tree Could Speak”. Do you have a new child in your life or a classroom that needs a copy of my book? Come to the market to receive the best price and get it signed by both author and illustrator! The Teacher’s Resource is still available on my website. Sign up to the mailing list and it will go straight to your inbox.

As always, thanks for being here. The gift of your attention is not lost on me.

With love and grace,


(Photo cred goes to me! and God for that stellar beam of light.)

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