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A Giveaway

Updated: Apr 14

Hello friends!

We are in the final stages of distribution for If My Oak Tree Could Speak. In just a few short weeks we will launch it to the world. And I do mean world! My children's book will be sold internationally on over 39,000 online retailers. The challenge stands to get the word out that far, but we shall start in our little corner. :)

An immense THANK YOU to those who tuned into my Facebook Live Cover Reveal! I was way too nervous for what it was but as soon as I started and saw the friendly names and faces on the screen, I knew I was in a safe place. I also need to give a big I'M SORRY to those who couldn't watch because they are not Facebook members. I made the event for everyone to watch (including non-members) but apparently I didn't get that right. My publicist totally dropped the ball on that.....just kidding, you know I can't afford a publicist! ;)

This weekend, I am kicking off a Goodreads giveaway for US residents. I'm giving away 100 digital copies of my book, If My Oak Tree Could Speak! Head to and enter by May 9 for a chance to win! Click the link for details

I'm asking all my American friends to spread the word for the giveaway! With so many chances to win, why not enter and give the gift of reading and poetry to the children in your life.

Sorry Canada. But you will get your chances to win soon too! Keep following my socials and watch for emails where I will announce details as they unfold. You're first chance to win will be at my Virtual Book Launch on Wednesday, May 5 at 8pm EST, where you can win a signed hardcover copy! If you are a subscriber, check your inbox on the day of for the zoom link to join. If you want to come, you need to sign up. Use the subscriber form on my website.

Finally, I wanted to highlight April as National Poetry Month! Did you know that If My Oak Tree Could Speak is a poem? The story is told in a rhyming anapestic tetrameter poetic form (I dare you to say that 10x fast, haha). In case you're not well versed in your poetic forms, you can find a video of me on Instagram explaining what it is and how it's used in my book. I LOVE poetry. It has been my natural writing style for many years. I wouldn't be surprised if the next book ends up being a poem too. If poetry is foreign to you, I would encourage you to start your journey with my book! It will be a charming and primary introduction to the treasure trove of what poetry can do for the mind and soul.

Until next time,


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