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An introduction

Updated: Apr 14

If you are here then you probably already know me. Or my mom.

But whatever the reasons, I am glad that you are!

In the small chance that this is indeed an introduction, allow me to begin....

I am Rachel. I love to write. I don't have a lot of time to devote to it, nor do I have a lot of confidence in my abilities, but we are here anyway.

I used to be of the mind that to do something, you had to be the best at it, otherwise there is no point. Life, and the world at large, has taught me how wrong that idea is. We all have a piece of art and/or purpose to share, and these small offerings together create a more beautiful and better world. Therefore, in this small corner of the internet, you will find my offering.

I have written a Children's book that I am excited to share soon. On this site (as well as my socials) you will see other bits of poetry and prose that I've written, as well as words from writers and things that inspire me. I hope all these together work to inspire you.

Some of my work I'm proud of, and some not very much, but they're real and raw and that has value. If even one person is affected by my fragments of vulnerability, then I've lived my purpose. We are on this planet to share - to laugh, and weep, and fail, and triumph - together.

Whether we shall never meet again, or this is the start of something steady, it was a pleasure to meet you.

p.s. Please buy my book ;)

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