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An Invitation

Updated: Apr 14

Hello again,

It seems that the Spring I was yearning for last month has finally started to reveal itself here in southern Ontario. The warm sun is such a welcome friend and I am excited to start adventuring outside with the kids on our new property. Now that we're "country folk", I'm doing my best to embrace all the mud! We are "leave your boots on the porch" type of people now. I would have never guessed that I'd be here, out of suburbia, living with the flies and trees. But it was the dream life I didn't know I wanted until I found myself here. Grateful and #blessed :) Wonder if I'll be saying such romanticized things when the mosquitos inevitably appear.....

I've got some important dates for you VIP's regarding my up-coming children's book "If My Oak Tree Could Speak".

1. COVER REVEAL FACEBOOK LIVE – On Friday, April 2 at 12 pm EST I will be revealing the cover of my book! Here is the link to the live event (you don’t need to be a Facebook user to watch).

Click here to add this important event in your calendar.

2. VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH PARTY – On Wednesday May 5 at 8pm EST we will be hosting a live launch party and YOU ARE INVITED! Watch and hear more about the book, what inspired it, meet the author (me!) and the illustrator Janice Barber, and stay to the end for your chance to win a signed hardcover copy of the book! Subscribers will receive an email with the zoom link on the day of the event, so if you're not yet subscribed, get'er done before May 5th ;)

Click here to add this event to your calendar.

Links to my socials can be found on my site. I cannot promise a live link from the website to the Facebook event (because technology) but the above links should get you where you need to go!

As always, THANK YOU for your support.

Until next time,


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