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Tick, Tick, Boom! (From fiction to nonfiction)

Updated: Apr 16

There's been an explosion of my work this week which has been fun. For so long it's just me and the writing, and then me and the submission emails, and then me and the waiting.

And then ever so often, gold strikes. Sometimes, even twice!

An article I wrote about letting go of control and perfectionism in relation to mom guilt was published in the print magazine Just Between Us, which is a Christian women's ministry organization founded by Jill Briscoe. To read my piece, you will need a subscription (

The second publication was a piece that I grew from a paragraph I posted on social media a few years ago. I expanded on my original idea and added scripture references. It is entitled, The Tangled Family Tree: Finding Redemption in the Blended Family.(The site is no longer active, unfortunately!)

No, these are not kid lit pieces and have nothing to do with the industry, or even poetry.

If you've been following along from the start, that's what my work and focus has been on. I've been teetering back and forth from fiction to non-fiction, trying to decipher where I fit in this deep and wide writing world.

I still don't have an answer to that.

All I know is that I write where my heart is and where my curiosity leads, and as it turns out, my heart holds many different things.

Therefore, my plan is to keep following my muses. Family, poetry, kids lit, and revelations both secular and religious. Because that is humanity, isn't it? People are not a brand or a niche....not naturally, anyway. We are never one thing.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get a chance to dive into one of my published pieces above.


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